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Marian Hall

Anyone interested in renting Marian Hall is asked to call the rectory at 905 659-3305 or email

Marian Hall --3452 Square Feet excludes kitchen


Tables and chairs: 325 

Chairs Only: 257

Marian Hall.jpeg

Renovation Fund

Our cherished Marian Hall has been the heart of our community for generations, hosting countless gatherings that have marked both joyful celebrations and moments of solace in times of loss. It has stood as a steadfast source of support during our highs and lows. Now, it's our turn to support it.

Through the years, Marian Hall has embraced us with its warm embrace, serving as a backdrop to our shared experiences. To ensure its continued presence in our lives, we're rallying together to raise funds for its renovation. On the first Sunday of each month, a special collection is held during Masses to contribute to the Renovation Fund, dedicated to the upkeep and restoration of Marian Hall.

Your generous donations will enable us to carry out vital repairs and improvements that will preserve this meaningful space for years to come. You can contribute by mailing your donations to the address below:

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish
Renovation Fund
79 Freelton Road
Freelton, Ont., L8B 0Z3

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