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When a man and woman vow to love each other for their entire lives they embark on the journey of a lifetime. God blesses the desire for total self gift with the Sacrament of Marriage whose two chief ends are loving children into this world and union of the spouses. The normal process for applying for Marriage are a few meetings with the priest and a marriage preparation course. For requesting marriage,  please contact Fr. Arpee for the initial interview. We ask that you bring your baptismal certificates for the initial interview. 


To make an appointment, please send a text or email to Fr.Arpee.  Feel free to set up an appointment using this form. 


Our Lord calls some men to share in his priestly service and anoints them with the Sacrament of Holy Orders. If God has placed in your heart a desire for priesthood or religious life, do not take this lightly! Carefully examine where it is coming from and what it could mean. If you experience a calling to Priesthood, Religious Life, or Permanent Diaconate, seek out guidance and support so that you will be able to generously follow Our Lord. Feel free to talk to Fr. Arpee. 


Baptism is the first sacrament of initiation into the faith. We encourage parents to prepare for their child's baptism even before the child is born. The path to Baptism for your child may involve a meeting with someone from the pastoral team. For all parents, there is preparation work to be made at home, a get together at the parish to discuss this further, and the Baptism itself. To register, click the botton below.


When someone has died, we turn to the Lord in prayer to both give thanks for their life and to grieve. The usual process would be for the family to contact the Funeral Home. They will then be in touch with the Church to set up a date and time for the Funeral Mass.


This Sacrament brings healing and peace to those who are sick. If someone is in the hospital it is most appropriate to contact the parish priest to come to offer prayers.

In case of emergency, the hospitals can page the priest on call to come and offer the last rites if you are unable to contact the parish priest. 

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