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In the heart of our parish beats the pulse of community, service, and shared faith. Today, we invite you to be the vibrant brushstrokes that paint a brighter future for us all. Our ministries and volunteers are the lifeblood of our church, embodying the very essence of unity and devotion.

Under the guidance of Fr. Arpee, we're embarking on an exciting journey to elevate our parish's spirit. But this journey is incomplete without you. Your unique talents, your dedicated time – these are the tools that will shape a stronger, more connected parish for us and generations to come.

Whether your passion lies in music, teaching, outreach, or nurturing young faith, there's a place for you here. Your prayers, your commitment, and your energy can make a significant impact. Every contribution, no matter how small, enriches the tapestry of our community.

As we reflect on our roles in these ministries, let's also pray for guidance. Ask how your skills can best serve God and our parish. Join hands with us and Fr. Arpee as we infuse our church with a renewed sense of purpose, love, and vitality.

Let's write this chapter together – one of growth, compassion, and shared transformation. Step forward with your time and talent, and together, let's kindle a brighter light within our parish. Please see below, different ministries and volunteer positions that Fr.Arpee wish to establish as soon as possible. Please talk to Fr. Arpee if you have any question.  Training will be provided. 

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